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Pellets oak of 6-8 mm proizvodstvo.a1
Custom order, 10 days | Wholesale and retail 
Price from:
3500 UAH
  • 3400 UAH/t.  - from 22 t.
Structure of 100% oak Diameter - 6 and 8 mmLength is 10-40 mm The ash-content < 0,5 %Density is 650-750 kg/m3Humidity < 9  % Warmth 4700 kk/kgUpakovka15 kg  We sell wholesale and retail across all Ukraine and for export The minimum order from 22 t.    
Group: Pellet fuel
Дизайн-обогреватель without-S
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Price from:
2160 UAH
Keramogranitnyj design-UDEN-S heater- this is an energy-saving heating Panel and a real find for lovers of non-standard design solutions. The original shape and unusual design ideas will add your placement uniqueness and special style.   Designed for both the primary and secondary heating of...
Group: Domestic heaters
Keramogranitnyj heater, ART
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Price from:
2650 UAH
Complete set Heater with cable (2 m) and fork Legs Technical passport Benefits of granite heaters Small power consumption. TDP at 1.5 times less than -2 convectors, oil radiators or electric, respectively, and the power consumption is reduced by 35-40%. Excellent heat storage...
Group: Domestic heaters
Keramogranitnyj heater "Sponge Bob" children's collection
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
2530 UAH
Full design heaters is energy-saving heating Panel and a real find for lovers of non-standard design solutions. Their original shapes, textures, and handmade decor will become an integral part of any interior, advantageous in emphasizing your unique style. The surface of the heater can simulate...
Group: Domestic heaters
Теплый плинтус without-S
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
928 UAH
Warm skirting UDEN-S is a metal-ceramic warmers energy efficient autonomous heating system (individual). Externally they look like plain plinth height 13 cm, mounted mostly on the outside (usually cold) wall around the perimeter of the premises on the existing skirting or instead. Required power...
Group: Domestic heaters
Керамическая электронагревательная панель without-S without-500 К "универсал"
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
1768 UAH
Description Energy efficient metal-ceramic heaters-S UDEN use to heat a variety of premises: apartments, private houses, commercial real estate and the social sphere. Their work laid the principle of direct heating-heat rays primarily warm up solid construction and only then the air, keeping it...
Group: Domestic heaters
Cermet wall heater UDEN-700
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
2418 UAH
Metal ceramic wall heaters - a thin energy-saving electric heating panels, the foundation works are based on the principle of infrared (direct) heating. They are installed mainly outside the window or near the balcony door to not only heat the room, but also to stop the flow of cold air in the rest...
Group: Domestic heaters
Hygiene for pets
Custom order | Wholesale and retail 
  • 17 UAH/kg.  - from 10 kg.
We offer Hygienic filler for pets (cats, rodents) from the manufacturer. Packaging can be 1.5 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg. -Effectively absorb liquid -Neutralizes odors   Used eco-packages which quickly decompose, without harming the environment Wednesday. Package design may be different according to...
Group: Fillers for pets toilets
Pine bark, mulch (large, medium, small fraction).
In stock | Only wholesale 
  • 50 UAH/pkg  - from 50 pkg
  Mulching helps to improve the soil and plants, as well as give them a favorable view. The most popular is considered mulch of pine kory.Ona divided into small, medium and coarse fractions. Term life is fine 2-3 season, and the rest can last 4-5 seasons.   Mulch of pine bark prevents weeds, it...
Group: mulch
Translate gas boiler at tverdotoplivnoe with dual economy (production)
Custom order 
We translate gas equipment on tverdotoplivnoe without having to replace the main boiler and system! To reset the used equipment (fuel system) MERA, which is built on the principle of generating with subsequent burning of volatile gases from solid fuel (pellets, straw, wood chips, opilka, peat,...
Group: Solid fuel boilers
Pellets of lucerne
In stock 
5065.64 UAH
Alfalfa in the granules of 8 mm diameter green, sand or light-brown color with a smell of freshly cut grass.   The chemical composition of alfalfa:   The protein is easily digestible nitrogenous substances with all essential amino acids, carotene, vitamins C, B 1, E, micro- and macrocells,...
Group: Granulated alfalfa
Pallets 1200 * 800 with heat treatment
Custom order, 5 days | Wholesale and retail 
147.97 UAH
  • 141.39 UAH/pcs  - from 1500 pcs
We bring you the pallets from the manufacturer 1200 * 800, with heat treatment. Price 4.5 Euro / pallet. Minimum volume waggon (pallet 700) Warehouse in Zhitomir and Radomyshl.
Group: Pallets


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