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Pellet fuel

Pellets oak of 6-8 mm production
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
from 3600 UAH(112 EUR)
Wholesale: 3500 UAH(112 EUR) from 22 t.
Structure of 100% oak Diameter-8 of mm, 6 mmLength is 10-40 mm Ash-content of 0,85%Density is 650-750 kg/m3Humidity of 9 % Warmth 4700 kk/kgUpakovka15 kg or Big Beg We sell wholesale and retail across all Ukraine. The minimum order from 22 t.    
Group: Pellet fuel
Briquettes (pine) for heating. Warehouse Gostomel
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
3400 UAH(107 USD)
Wholesale: 3300 UAH(107 USD) from 22 t.
Pine of 90% Humidity of 6,9% Ash-content of 1,3%     Retail. A warehouse in Gostomel   
Group: Pellet fuel


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